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Error Message Language

Hello Folks,

I’m using confD, i’m trying to tailf actions.
I have realized that in error case, return message has language identifier “en”.
Can i return back error message in different language ?

How is it possible in confD?

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Not unless you customize the error messages yourself. See ConfD UG Chapter “Error Message Customization” and the examples.confd/dp/error_formatting example.

if there is an api or language.xml file, it would be good. for transleting error msg. right :slight_smile: ?

Many Thanks, bytw, you’re very helpful man

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Hello @cohult,

I’m reviving the topic :slight_smile:

If i make some changes on the errcode.xml file, it affects to confD. Is there anything to do after changing errcode.xml . because i don’t want to register mine error callback. instead of that, i want to change default error message directly from errcode.xml file.

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