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Error messages not getting propagated


We are sending a CONFD_DELAYED_RESPONSE when there is no data. After that an error condition occurs in another process and we are doing a confd_trans_seterr to set an error message. Then we are closing the transaction with a confd_data_reply_next_key(reqCtxt->tctx, NULL, -1, -1).

However the error message is not propagated to confd and we do not see the error when we issue the command.



Returning confd_data_reply_next_key(…, NULL, … ) will just indicate that no more entries exist. If you delay a reply from get/find_next() by etc callbacks by returning with CONFD_DELAYED_RESPONSE and want to return with an error, you need to call confd_delayed_reply_error().
See the confd_lib_dp(3) man page under confd_delayed_reply_error() for details.