Error when Connecting using OpenSSH


I am trying “19.5.1. Using OpenSSH”, I have also made the changes required in sshd_config. I have compiled netconf-subsys and placed the executable in /usr/local/bin.

I have disabled SSH in confd.conf.


I would like to understand how to ssh now ?

I have been using this command and its been working
ssh -s -p 2022 user@ netconf

But with the above changes made for openssh, i understand i couldn’t use the command anymore. I am supposed to use TCP/IPC port.

I tried netconf-console-tcp with port as 2023, or with ports mentioned in $CONFD_DIR/src/confd/netconf/netconf-subsys.c(4569, 4565). The result is negative, it throws connection refused error with netconf-console-tcp

netconf-console-tcp -u user --host --port 2023 -p abcdef --hello
Failed to connect to [Errno 111] Connection refused

Please guide on what am i missing for the initial successful connection.


First, the port is no longer 2022, it is now the port configured for OpenSSH. Typically port 22. So for your use-case ssh -s -p 22 user@ netconf
Second, since you have disabled the TCP port in confd.conf, did you compile the netconf-subsys program with “USE_IPC” defined?
From the $CONFD_DIR/src/confd/netconf/Makefile:

# Uncomment or pass on command line to use a connection
# to the IPC port instead of the NETCONF TCP transport
USE_IPC = yes

Hi Cohult,

I am trying the second way suggested in user guide. so had to disable both tcp and ssh as suggested.

After the Makefile changes as you suggested, i could connect using port number 22.
Thank you !