Error while access maapi.getElem

ConfValue val = maapi.getElem(th, “/devices/device{ABC}/address”);

Error :

Caused by: com.tailf.conf.ConfException: Library protocol version 63 is not compatible with server protocol version 61
at com.tailf.conf.ConfInternal.doConnect(
at com.tailf.maapi.Maapi.(
at com.example.xxxxxxxxxxxxRFS.create(

could you please suggest solution for above error


as the exception states, it seems that your client built with confd-lib version 6.3.x tries to communicate with ConfD daemon of version 6.1.x.

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As josephm mentioned, you seem to be using 6.3.x jar files in your application and you try to connect to 6.1.x ConfD server.

it’s seem clear with Error the it’s confd Error could you have any suggestion to correct that …

You need to build your client application with the same major version of ConfD you want to run it with.

If you want to use ConfD 6.1.x as your “server” (number i see in the error message), you have to use ConfD lib (jar archive) from same major version (6.1.x) to build your app…

I want to change server Confd ver: to 6.3.x. is it possible and how ?

I don’t have any information about your development environment, so i’m afraid I cannot answer your question.

If you have have access to premium version of ConfD, you can use your Tail-F contacts on how to access different/specific ConfD version.
For the ConfD basic -

When changing to ConfD 6.3.x, from some older version, you need to rebuild your applications/clients with ConfD 6.3.x as well.