Error with delete operation

I’m using confd v7.3 with rollback set to true.
I’m able to create configuration using edit-config with netconf-console.
However, when I try to delete the configuration, I get the following error and commit fails -

22-Apr-2020::18:59:10.631 test confd[26461]: - Error while creating rollback file: /opt/confd/var/confd-cdb/rollback0.prepare: Internal error

application operation-failed error Internal error

The rollback0.prepare file has only first line of the configuration written to it.

Can you please help me debug this further?


This internal error is likely a ConfD defect. I would suggest to capture the steps for reproducing the issue along with all the log files and send them to your Tail-f support contact.

You can also try to post the YANG model part involved, relevant confd.conf parts, and config you used in your <edit-config> here for a sanity check by the community.
Post the developer log with log level set to “trace” too.