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Example linuxcfg make error building ietf_ip

My very first post. Hello Team, Hello Everyone…

I tried to compile the interface examples and get an error:

i tried on:

  • debian 10 with: make 4.2.1(gcc 8.3.0)
  • Gentoo: make 4.3(gcc 10.2.0)

I ran into the openssl version issue with which i could easily fix by installing deb-package on debian and on gentoo “dev-libs/openssl-compat”.


  • did i overlook something and if yes, waht?
  • Is there a preffered way to compile it or some specific prerequisites?
  • Can you check if you can re-produce the error?
  • Do you want me to provide tests or more information and if yes, which?

The Debian-os was freshly installed Debian 10.5 with manually installed package libssl1.0.0_1.0.1t-1+deb8u12_amd64.deb.

I get same error with:


on both operating systems…

Hello and welcome,

Here’s a demo that provides guidance: