Examples Using External and CDB Database Simultaneously

Do you have examples that show the internal CDB and an external database being used simultaneously. I want to use my external LDAP database and will likely store my operational data. There reason is I will have multiple VMs that I think will need local write permissions. I’m afraid that if I always read+write to the master and replicate to the slaves I will create a bottleneck.

Have you seen any gotchas to this type of an implementation?

You mention that LDAP will be used for operational data. Will configuration be kept in CDB?

In any case, the data prodiver API is the API to use when data is not stored in CDB.

There is no specific example for LDAP but you can look at the examples we have today for operational data: checked under examples.confd/intro/5-c_stats.

If you plan on storing configuration in LDAP, then you have to use the DP API as described above. Check the user guide: 7.6. External configuration data.

If i use an external database, will all the NETCONF transactions still go to the active NETCONF server. Since I will have lots of client VMs in the cloud, I want to be able to send operations transactions to the local NETCONF Server (e.g., active or standby) for reads and write and have these changes replicate to the other NETCONF replicas. So, my question is whether you support active/active or is active/standby only supported. I’d rather use your CDB.

The arp table that the examples.confd/intro/5-c_stats example use could be viewed as an external database. Here CDB is used for configuration. The operational data is fetched from a data provider, which could be an external database for status data.

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Hi Michael,

For external data, you are responsible for replicating the external data. ConfD will not replicate it.

Only active/standby is supported.