Execute all child CLI commands even if one of the child CLI command fails

I have a CLI commands (CLIs are implemented through YANG)

“show football teams”
“show football players”
“show football rules”
“show football awards”
“show football teams awards”
“show football players awards”

If I execute “show football”, all the above child commands get executed.
But if one of the command execution fails, the rest of the commands after that command do not executed. So I want each command to be executed irrespective of failure.

Is there a flag/some other way to achieve this?

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@per @cohult @nabil @mnovak Do you guys know the solution for this?

I think this is expected behavior as when you run show footbal it is considered as one command (that should show full subtree).

For CLI you can override show footbal with clispec callpoint command that would call in turn
subcommands. If one fails your clispec callpoint can continue with other subcommand. But this applies for CLI only.

For other interfaces (NETCONF) you can call one by one (NETCONF get) and process possible error.

@mnovak Cool. Thanks