Execution of full hidden action commands via confd_cmd/maapi

I am looking to execute an Action-Command which is hidden from CLI/Northbound Interfaces via confd_cmd binary as below and not sure of the syntax or if it’s a possibility to execute this via confd_cmd?

container A{
tailf:hidden full;
tailf:action B {
tailf:actionpoint B1;
input {
leaf val {
mandatory true;
type int8;

Also another possible way would be to execute it via maapi --clicmd --no-hidden “A B val 2” but running into incomplete path errors for this.

Any suggestions are appreciated

confd_cmd has a command maction, but it supports only actions without parameters. My go-to CLI utility in such cases is curl to send a RESTCONF request, in your case it could be like this:

$ curl -s -u admin:admin 'http://localhost:8008/restconf/operations/A/B' \
 -X POST -H "Content-type: application/yang-data+json" \
 --data '{"input":{"val":42}}'

It obviously assumes that you have RESTCONF enabled and 8008 is your webui port; also, you may need to change username/password or provide the correct token, depending on your setup.

Can you give an example of confd_cmd usage with maction? Couldn’t find any references
confd_cmd/confd_cli look to be the only options I have for now.

Using the ConfD example intro/7-action, the following invokes the action reboot:

$ confd_cmd -c 'maction /config/system/reboot'

Again, it works only for actions without (mandatory) parameters; the other two actions in the example cannot be invoked using confd_cmd.