Exporting annotation files


Can you please explain if we need to export annotation files to a specific northbound interface or can they be exported to “none” (at the moment our annotations are exported to cli)?
Is there any situation where NETCONF might need annotation files (besides downloading annotations to generate some code)?
Is there any need of yang extensions when generating NED (not counting specific NED yang extensions)?

Br Jaka

Since you don’t need to compile the annotation files themselves, no FXS file will be created. The point of annotation files is that the tailf extensions are not made visible when for example a NETCONF client does a <get-schema> over NETCONF.

If you want some tailf extensions to be visible to the NETCONF client, leave them in the YANG model and don’t put them in an annotation file.

If the NETCONF client is tailf extension aware, such as NSO, leaving, for example, tailf:dependency statements in the YANG model could be useful to the client.

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