External Data vs Action (confd.dp High level API)

Hi everyone,
during theses days i was reading the documentation of CONFD + the High Level API.

and i’m was struggeling to manage a simple case for an external Data provider with the High level API …

i’ve seen sme example about it with the low one _confd with the simplecp example from

but when i’ve seen that this example were stuck to the Low level only , i tried to reach to the same example with the High Level and in fact i thought that the confd.dp was the one to use …

but it seems only related to RPC and actionpoint not to callpoint used for external data provider.

so maybe i did no understand well the confd.dp library , or did not understand well the concept behind external data provider.

but do you have any example of such example like simplecp iwth the high level API .


I recommend using the low-level API, but see the confd.experimental module for “experimental” high-level options.