"external error - application timeout" for maapi_create of leaf-list element in confd-version 6.5

Hi ,
As per confd 6.5 the leaf-list elements will be working like “list”
Im changing my hook code to support this update. But, im facing with appllicaton timeout for maapi_create of setting leaf-list element.

hook callpoint type is :set-hook
trying to set values of leaf-list inside Create() callback function.

leaf-list logical-channel {
type string;
keypath for this leaf : std::string keypath = /interfaces/interface{system-1}/logical-channel{value}
return_value = transaction_context->MaapiCreate(elem_keypath)(our own API , to inturn calls maapi_create():wink: ==> end up with Time out issue.

please find the logs below:
May 14 02:12:07 fujitsu oleaf_hook_data[1921]: fujitsu FNC_FACILITY=DIP: oleaf_hook_datahandler: elem_keypath == /interfaces/interface{system-1}/logical-channel{value}

May 14 02:12:07 fujitsu oleaf_hook_datahandler[1921]: TRACE MAAPI_EXISTS /interfaces/interface{system-1}/logical-channel{value} --> CONFD_OK

May 14 02:14:09 fujitsu oleaf_hook_datahandler[1921]: TRACE MAAPI_CREATE /interfaces/interface{system-1}/logical-channel{value}DEBUG external error - application timeout
May 14 02:14:09 fujitsu oleaf_hook_datahandler[1921]: --> CONFD_ERR

same code is working in transaction type hook.

Kindly provide your inputs on this.
Thanks in Advance.