Facing build issue

i am trying to integrate ORAN yang version 13(O-RAN.WG4.MP-YANGs-R003-v13.00) with confd 7.3.
while building I am getting error like " error: the type empty cannot be part of a union".

typedef availability-status {

type union {
  type empty;
  type enumeration {
    enum FAILED {
        "The resource has an internal fault that prevents it from operating.
        The operational state is disabled.";
    enum DEPENDENCY {
        "The resource cannot operate because some other resource on which it
        depends is unavailable. The operational state is disabled.";



from ConfD compiler point of view, that’s totally expected and OK :slight_smile:

see RFC for YANG, RFC 6020 - YANG - A Data Modeling Language for the Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF)

A member type can be of any built-in or derived type, except it MUST
NOT be one of the built-in types “empty” or “leafref”.

edit: it seems that YANG 1.1 does NOT have this restriction (RFC 7950 - The YANG 1.1 Data Modeling Language)
I am not familiar with ORAN models, so if you can check/provide link to specific YANG, to see what is its yang-version