Fail to compile confd_dyncfg


I am trying to compile the confd_dyncfg.yang model to get the .h file but I got the following error:
smog:~/ccm_wa/cli/main-dev/CLI-V6/npti_product/mcubuilder> …/…/cml/src/cml/confd/kvm/Confd/bin/confdc --fail-on-warnings -c -o confd_dyncfg.fxs …/…/cml/src/yang/confd_dyncfg.yang
internal error

Please assist.


There is a quite ordinary Makefile for confd_dyncfg.yang under $CONFD_DIR/ src/confd/dyncfg/Makefile and generating the header file, .h, is a simple exercise:
$ confdc --emit-h confd_dyncfg.h confd_dyncfg.fxs

So the real question should be what modifications did you do tho the YANG model or other environment settings that made confdc give an internal error when you tried to compile the final schema, .fxs?