Fail to dynamical link to sessionLimits [resolved]

After enable dyncfg feature and create a link to one leaf of sessionLimits, an error message occurs when commit. This kind of error doesn’t exist in other nodes.

YANG FILE: (define link to sessionLimits)
container sessionLimits {
leaf maxSessions {
type dyncfg:limitType;
tailf:link “/dyncfg:confdConfig/sessionLimits/maxSessions”;

Error message:
Aborted: ‘system sessionLimits maxSessions’: destination instance ‘confdConfig sessionLimits maxSessions’ does not exist

Does anybody meet similiar issue or know how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance!

The container named sessionLimits in the confd_dyncfg module is a presence container and needs to be created before maxSessions can be configured.

In reference to the dyncfg example that can be found at $CONFD_DIR/examples.confd/confdconf/dyncfg, you will need to add the following confdConfig block to confd_dyncfg_init.xml in order to create the sessionLimits container in confd_dyncfg at initialization:

<!-- Configure sessionLimits -->
<confdConfig xmlns="">

Thansk for very useful suggestion.

I have tried this and it works perfectly.

Regards, Vida