"Failed to load aaa cfg (No aaa.fxs?)" when starting confd

I am going to use a very basic yang file in a unit test. The compilation of the yang file into a fxs file seems to work fine (no complaints), but when I start the confd daemon I get this:
“$ confd --conf path/confd.conf
Failed to load AAA: Failed to load aaa cfg (No aaa.fxs??) - bad namespace: http://tail-f.com/ns/aaa/1.1
Daemon died status=21”

The aaa namespace is not in my yang file.

The yang file looks like this:

module test {
  namespace "http://myite.com/test";
  prefix "test";

  container components {
      container testcomponent {
          leaf max {
              type int32;
              default 100;

The aaa-related section in my confd.conf is nothing but standard config:


  <!-- See man page confd_aaa_bridge(1) for a description of this -->

  If pam is enabled and we want to use pam for login
  confd must typically run as root. This depends on how
  pam is configured locally. However the default "system-auth"
  will typically require root since the pam libs then read


The aaa.conf file does not exist.
Also, I am able to start confd using a different yang file and a different but very similar confd.conf file.

There is no file called aaa.fxs on my hard drive, and I don’t think there needs to be.

ConfD requires the presence of a data model for the AAA information in order for it to operate. Hence, confd will look for tailf-aaa.fxs at startup time. In order for confd to come up properly, you will need to have tailf-aaa.fxs present in its loadpath. You can use the --addloadpath argument to specify the location of this fxs on your system.

You can refer to Chapter 14.2, Structure - data models, of the ConfD 6.0 User Guide for more information on ConfD’s AAA infrastructure. A snippet of the information that can be found in Chapter 14.2.1 is as follows:

Since ConfD requires a data model for the AAA information for its operation,
it will report an error and fail to start if these data models cannot be found.

Thank you waitai for the answer.
You are correct, and it turns out I had to copy a few files over from the confd etc directory to my unit test directory: