Get Key from get_next() and do RPC using erlang application

I wanted to query each property(leaf) of this smp.yang file given in Erlang examples confd-6.6/erlang/econfd/examples/simple_notrans/smp.yang.

My current set up:

  1. I have loaded the smp.yang file in MG-SOFT Yang explorer.
  2. Running the Confd server and the simple.erl application has been subscribed to Confd server.

Problem I face:

  1. The Erlang module simple.erl has get_next() which goes through the ETS record of that module and extracts all keys; Then it goes to get_elem() and replies with the requested property.

What i wanted to achieve:

  1. When I select a property (say IP) in the Yang Explorer and enter the name_number as key, the query should reach Confd -> simple.erl module -> do Erlang RPC to a remote erlang node.
  2. The get_next() function should not search the ETS record, instead I want the Key which i entered(_name_number) in Yang broswer, should be forwarded to get_elem(). So that the get_elem() will use the key to form arguments to do RPC to my remote erlang node.
  3. That remote erlang will node will reply to the RPC of get_elem().

p.s.: Need solution in a way that I dont want to make use of any ETS record in the simple.erl module.