Get_Next getting invoked for show running config?

Hi All!

In my associated with external DB, I created get_next to get all the keyword this is precisely used when configuring. I am restricting user to enter only the keywords that are valid {these keywords are dynamically generated}. Now when I do show running-config, this routine is invoking get_next and I end up getting all the keywords, please let me know if I am missing something…

I have just given below in the list

tailf:callpoint moncp;

Balaji Kamal Kannadassan

That is correct: ConfD will invoke get_next() as a means to iterate through all entries of the list.

You can read more about data callbacks in Section 6.4. Data Callbacks in the User Guide.


it’s not clear to me from your description, what is the actual problem/question…

When entering configuration via external db api, i’d expect “create” callback to set the records with specific keys into backend.
get-next() is used to iterate the data from the backend, and the values provided to confd as a response are up to your specific implementation - so i don’t understand what you mean by “getting all the keywords” - form where, resp. what is the difference versus expected state…

Please add more details or rephrase with more specific request/response and expected/visible behavior…

thanks, b.r.