Get_Object always on list entry level

Here is a example yang structure
±-rw toplist* [id]
| ±-rw id string
| ±-rw config
| ±-ro hwaddr? string <-----------callpoint
| ±-ro hwaddr2? string
| ±-ro hwaddr3? string
| ±-rw permanent? boolean

In the code, I have implement get_object, get_next. I expect that confd would call get_object on path
“/roplist[test]/config”. However, confd call get_object on path “/roplist[test]”. I would like to ask why Confd try to call a path that was not marked with any callpoint at all? Is there any way to control the behavior to only call get_object on the path that has callpoint?


The callback get_object is invoked for list entries. The daemon flag CONFD_DAEMON_FLAG_BULK_GET_CONTAINER can relax that a bit, but I don’t think it applies to your situation. If you have just a couple of leaves to be handled by a callpoint in a large data structure, maybe get_object is an overkill.

Have a look at confd_lib_dp documentation for more details.