Getting access denied for SNMP get/getnext requests

I’m getting the following error on SNMP v2c get/getnext request from SNMP manager,

==> devel.log <==
12-Jan-2016::04:29:24.958 qemux86-64 confd[1562]: devel-snmpa table get: access denied /IF-MIB/ifXTable/ifXEntry{0}/ifName

Is there any configuration setting that needs to be enabled in confd.conf to give access.

Take a look at section 17.15.2 in the ConfD User’s Guide on how the SNMP Agent works in conjunction with the ConfD AAA model. If you have access to the SNMP examples in ConfD Premium, you can look at $CONFD_DIR/examples.confd/snmpa/7-transform (or really any of the SNMP examples) for how to initialize the community and vacm tables with working values.