Getting ERR_BAD_CONFIG intermittently while loading schema

Hi ,

i am getting below error intermittently while loading schema via java maapi api.
com.tailf.maapi.MaapiException: Internal error: internal
and error code ERR_BAD_CONFIG

Using MAAPI loadSchemas()?

yes @cohult performing below steps. is this correct or any change is required?

maapiClient.initUpgrade(10, Maapi.MAAPI_UPGRADE_KILL_ON_TIMEOUT);

I am guessing the error occurs when you perform the upgrade and not when reloading schemas.
From the ConfD UG:

Several problems may be detected during the loading of the new files, e.g., .fxs files may
have a version incompatible with the ConfD version, or they may reference namespaces that can
not be found. These problems will make maapi_perform_upgrade() fail with confd_errno
CONFD_ERR_BAD_CONFIG and confd_lasterr() give information about the details of the
problem. If the loading is successful, CDB will start its special upgrade transaction and perform any
automatic upgrade operations that are needed before maapi_perform_upgrade() returns

yes @cohult , when perform upgrade, i am getting this error. these yangs are compiled using the same confd. and schemaload works after multiple retry. these is no descriptive error as such from confd