HA support in ConfD

Does ConfD support HA?

High Availability in ConfD is supported in the form of an API that allows HA managers (external to ConfD) to instruct ConfD in which HA mode (active or standby) to run.

Details about the HA capability can be found in the user guide, chapter 22.

When HA is enabled, the master (active) ConfD instance will be responsible of replicating configuration data to the slave (standby) ConfD instance whenever a change is committed on the active. It can be synchronous (secure) or asynchronous (best performance) replication based on the requirement.

Configuration can be replicated to 1 or N number of slaves.

When configuration is replicated to other nodes, it doesn’t go through the validation process as it was already validated in the Master. Data will be written in the slave configuration databases and application registered to be notified will also be notified of the changes.

More details about the HA API can be found in the man pages: man confd_lib_ha