HELLO exchange callback

Hi guys,
Is there a way to know by the means of the callback or something (NCS API)
when the client has NETCONF client side has received the hello from the
NETCONF server side!


The ConfD daemon only provides NETCONF server side capabilities and doesn’t provide any NETCONF client side capabilities. However, the ConfD distribution does come with a NETCONF client tool called netconf-console. NSO/NCS specific questions should be posted in the NSO DevNet community.

First of all, you question suggest you are working with NCS/NSO and this is really a place for ConfD users to interact with one another and share knowledge about ConfD.

That said, your question is about NETCONF and might be of interest to others: the answer is no.

The transport for NETCONF is SSH (or TLS) and both are sent over TCP. TCP guarantees reliable in-order delivery but there is no way for a sender to know when a client has read and understood a message (as opposed to when the message has been received and ACKed by the TCP/IP-stack in the receiving host).