Hide boolean value in running-config

Hi Experts,

I need to hide the boolean true in the running config, I can able to hide the false by using “tailf:cli-trim-default” as same i need to hide the true also. can anyone please share some suggestion’s





Perhaps instead of boolean type you can use empty type.

leaf disabled {
    type empty;
    description "User disabled";

Hi @mnovak,

I tried this approach too. Am validating like if the leaf exist i set the value as true or if not false but I faced this

Assume that I have created an user and i disabled the user using the disabled command, In subscriber i got the value as true as expected.

Next time i need to set the user back to normal. So this time am not going to give disabled command, now i need to get false in subscriber but am getting true this time also. For my knowledge what i understand is when i give disable for the first time the CDB path as created so am getting true offend

So is there any way to reset it in CDB

How do you set it back to normal? With no command(e.g. no disabled)? Then you should get MOP_DELETE message in the subscriber (cdb_diff_iterate) for the disabled leaf.

I am a bit confused by what you want to do. You want to hide true but also hide false ( default ). So you want to never show it? You can try tailf:display-when to control what to display but not sure why you want never show.

To set the leaf back to default, you can use ‘no’. But you should be able to give ‘disabled false’ as well.

Thanks guys for your reply :innocent: