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Hiding leaf value on show running-config

Hello! This is my first time posting.

I have a structure like this:

container a {
...... list b {
.............leaf c {
.............leaf d {

When I do “show running-config” I want leaf d to not be displayed. Is there any annotation that allows me to do that?


Hello head-f (Nice name, that’s the spirit),

Welcome to our forum and feel free to post your questions anytime.

Regarding not showing “leaf d”, do you also want to hide it from being configured?
If yes, there is an extension that allows you to hide any node and also be able to unhide nodes using a password you define in confd.conf (Or with no password). You can read more about this in the user guide: 20.23.8. Hiding parts of the configuration.

you can also use a NACM data rule that will hide the configuration node from the northbound interfaces you specify.

It can’t be hidden in a show output and still be configurable. It’s also not recommended if you plan on exposing this data to automation scripts.

Hi nabil, thank you so much for your answer.

This leaf is indeed configurable so I understand that I cannot hide it in a show output.