Hiding yang nodes from northbound interfaces

The tailf:hidden extension hides yang nodes from CLI and WebUI. but not Programmatic interfaces.

Is there a way to do the reverse? that is hide in Programmatic Interface but show in CLI?



tailf:export annotation may be used or --export option of confdc compiler to hide part (or full) data model in specific northbound interface (cli, notconf, …). Not sure what is meant by Programmatic interface . If maapi, then I think there is no way to hide it.

Thanks for the response.

I thought the “tailf:export” is for entire module and not parts?

Will look at the --export option to confdc

By programmatic, I meant netconf, restconf etc because these would depend on the yang model. Not maapi


Yes, you are right

The export statement can be used in: module.

So you can hide only full data model (like with -export). Sorry for confusion.

If you want to hide part of data model, I suggest you split it into 2 modules and use export on the one that should be hidden. You can link the hidden module to the other one with augment statement.