Hostname value is truncated in CLI prompt


When i am configuring the hostname “abc.def”, i am observing a truncated version “abc” in CLI prompt.

confd_cli --host “abc.def” -u admin


Whereas, if i configure the hostname “123.456a.789”, there is no issues in CLI prompt

confd_cli --host “123.456a.789” -u admin


Can someone kindly explain this behaviour.

Thanks in advance !!

Take a look at the confd.conf(5) man page under for example “/confdConfig/cli/prompt1”. The default prompt follow the pattern \u@\h\M> where \h represents “the hostname up to the first ‘.’”
Replace the \h with \Hif you want to pass a hostname with letters in it and one ‘.’ through, in your case, the confd_cli program.

Thanks for your support Cohult.