How confd keep netconf notification session alive


I tried to found related configuration but couldn’t.
As we know it is standard rpc to subscribe to confd inbuilt stream NETCONF, it works without problem.
My understanding is there must be some heartbeat mechanism to keep both netconf session and ssh session alive. But I can’t found any document about this mechanism or any configuration to set the interval of heartbeat message.
So my questions is how Confd keep notification session alive?



This depends on which SSH server you are using.
For the built-int SSH server, see this setting:

/confdConfig/ssh/idleConnectionTimeout (xs:duration) [PT10M]

The maximum time that an authenticated connection to the SSH server is allowed to exist without
open channels. If the timeout is reached, the SSH server closes the connection. Default is PT10M, i.e.
10 minutes. If the value is 0, there is no timeout.


I am using External SSH server.
SSh it self has kind of time out managed by follow configurations.


Sets a timeout interval in seconds after which if no data has been received from the client, sshd will send a message through the encrypted channel to request a response from the client. The default is 0, indicating that these messages will not be sent to the client. This option applies to protocol version 2 only.


The default value is 3. If ClientAliveInterval (see below) is set to 15, and ClientAliveCountMax is left at the default, unresponsive SSH clients will be disconnected after approximately 45 seconds. This option applies to protocol version 2 only.

And from confd document, seem netconf timeout doesn’t apply to notification channel.

/confdConfig/netconf/idleTimeout (xs:duration) [PT0S]

Maximum idle time before terminating a NETCONF session. If the session is waiting for notifications, or has a pending confirmed commit, the idle timeout is not used. The default value is 0, which means no timeout. Will be silently capped to 49 days 17 hours.

Modification of this value will only affect connections that are established after the modification has been done.

So as summary, can I presume there is no heartbeat mechanism needed?