How to add level 0 cli patterns

I have new requirement…

Following is the level 0 cli Pattern…

my-router# ?
Possible completions:
config Manipulate software configuration information
exit Exit the management session
history Configure history size
no Negate a command or set its defaults
paginate Paginate output from CLI commands
router Enable a routing process
show Show information about the system
timestamp Enable/disable the display of timestamp

Here we have some standard CLI likes config exit show … i need to add one more cli called “clear” how do i can do that… do i need to add it in yang or do i need to enable it in aaa_init.xml or dyncfg.xml

Some one can please suggest the solution

Ravi K

You can use custom action (see ConfD User Guide, chapter 11) or you can add CLI custom command in clispec (see ConfD User Guide 16.22 - Adding new commands).