How to append customized completion to ConfD completion for "Show" command


I want to append some completion items under the original confd completion for show command.
Like below my-completion-1 and my-completion-2.

sim_1d01-ssr1# show ?
Possible completions:
  cli              Display cli settings
  confd-state      Display ConfD status information
  configuration    Display configuration changes
  history          Display CLI command history
  jobs             Display background jobs
  nacm             Access control
  netconf-state    Statistics about NETCONF
  notification     Display notifications
  parser           Display parser information
  running-config   Display current configuration
  my-completion-1 Display my-completion-1
  my-completion-2 Display my-completion-2

I have tried below clispec, but it doesn’t work.

`<clispec xmlns="" style="c">`
`  <operationalMode>`
`    <modifications>`
`      <completion path="show">`
`        <callback>`
`          <capi>`
`            <completionpoint id="path">generic-complete</completionpoint>`
`          </capi>`
`        </callback>`
`      </completion>`
`    </modifications>`
`  </operationalMode>`

`  </configureMode>`

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