How to ask confirmtext for configuration CLIs defined through yang?

If user tries to modify configuration through a CLI, can we ask a confirmText?

CLI is defined through yang, not through Clispec.
Tried playing around with “/clispec/$MODE/modifications/confirmText” by providing yang CLI path for “src” attribute.
Didn’t work.

@cohult @per @mnovak Do you guys know a solution for this? Thanks

I assume that by “CLI” you mean what I would call “CLI command”:slight_smile: (CLI == “Command Line Interface” in my dictionary.) There is no way to get a confirmation prompt for all CLI commands, and it would be a bit silly, since there is no actual modification of the configuration until you issue a “commit” command. You can get a confirmation prompt on “commit” by registering a validation callback that returns CONFD_VALIDATION_WARN, see the description for confd_register_valpoint_cb() in the confd_lib_dp(3) manual page.

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@per Thanks a lot :smile: . That should solve our use case.