How to augment a additional key to list node in other module


I am a newbie to NETconf/Yang models. Is it possible to add additional key to list node in other module? For example,

A.yang :

Module A {

list interface {
key name;

    leaf name {


B.yang :
Module B {

/* Augment or add a additional key (device id) to the list interface */

I am aware of “augment”, which can augment additional nodes, but I couldn’t find in the web to solve the above query. Thanks a lot.

The YANG RFC forbids the ability to augment additional key leafs to a list.

The RFC doesn’t outright say this, but the augment statement’s definition says that you cannot augment in a mandatory leaf. A key leaf in configuration is treated as a “mandatory true” leaf. So, you can’t augment in an additional key.

Thank your very much.