How to augment two independent modules using an annotation file

I want to write an annotation file to augment two modules.
Let’s say
Module 1:
module abc { container a1 { container b1 { } } }
Module 2:
module xyz { container x1 { container y1 { } } }
Now I want to write an annotation file to augment module2 with module1.
My final output yang tree should be like
I have tried with different syntax’s suggested in the user-guide, But no luck.
Could you please suggest your inputs. Is it possible to write an annotation file for this requirement?

You can’t augment a module onto another module in YANG. The “user-guide” you should start with here is the YANG RFC.

Thanks for the reply.
My use-case is solved with tailf:symlink
In container b1 I have used tailf:symlink “x1” { tailf:path “/x1”;}
Since it is a symlink if I configure at one place it’s reflecting in other place as well.