How to connect to confd cli using telnet

I know as a developer, I can run confd_cli to login to the cli, and use the cli commands. However, how do I configure it such that I can connect to the cli using telnet from another computer?

thank you

You can connect to ConfD’s cli remotely through ssh. There is no built-in support of telnet. The confd.conf settings for ssh access to confd_cli is as follows:

/confdConfig/cli/ssh/enabled (boolean) [true]
enabled is either “true” or “false”. If “true” ConfD will will run the builtin SSH daemon and run the CLI.

/confdConfig/cli/ssh/ip (inet:ip-address) []
ip is an IP address which the ConfD CLI should listen to for SSH sessions. means that it listens to the port (/confdConfig/cli/ssh/port) for all IPv4 addresses on the machine.

/confdConfig/cli/ssh/port (inet:port-number) [2024]
The port number for CLI SSH

thank you for your help.

after adding the following to the confd.conf file


However, when I tried to connect by using ssh, it just prompt me for the user name and password, then it will be disconnected.

Is that anything else I need to pay attention to?

note: I started dropbear in the unit.