How to control size of ConfD's generated log files?

All of ConfD logs need to be rotated outside of ConfD. As is explained in the ConfD User Guide, for example in the case of confd.log (Volume 5 of ConfD man-pages):

 /confdConfig/logs/confdLog - container element
    confdLog is ConfD's daemon log. Check this log for startup problems of
    the ConfD daemon itself. This log is not rotated, i.e. use logrotate(8).

The most common tool to handle the log file rotation is to use logrotate -

After the the log file has been copied, ConfD will write to a new file descriptor with one of the following methods:

* maapi_reopen_logs( ) using the C API (see confd_lib_maapi(3)).

* "confd_cmd -c reopen_logs" if you want to use a script (see confd_cmd(1)).

However, there is one exception which is the error log. The size of the error log is being managed by ConfD on its own.

/confdConfig/logs/errorLog - container element
   errorLog is an error log used for internal logging from the ConfD daemon.
   It is used for troubleshooting the ConfD daemon itself, and should normally
   be disabled. This log is rotated by the ConfD daemon (see below).

/confdConfig/logs/errorLog/maxSize (confd:size) [S1M] 
   maxSize is the maximum size of an individual log file before it is rotated.
   Log filenames are reused when five logs have been exhausted.