How to convert a mandatory subscriber to non-mandatory subscriber?

This case will be help full if we are scaling out VNFs. from confd basic user guide it seems not possible


i’m not sure what you mean by “mandatory/non-mandatory” subscriber, resp. what is your use scenario…
CDB subscriber is not declared anywhere in yang model - it is up to your application to subscribe wherever/whenever is necessary…

Should the registration become unnecessary when already in place, see:

This is with respect to two phase subscriber, and cdb_mandatory_subscriber.
Suppose VNF scaled in and VNFC with confd server sitting on management VNFC.
New VNFC subscribed few parameters and and is made mandatory subscriber. now suppose I want to bring this VNFC down then first i should convert this VNFC from mandatory to un-mandatory subscriber then this can be made down.

If you bring down a VNF where a mandatory subscriber is running, I guess the subscriber wasn’t mandatory after all?

If you want to check if all your dynamic list of required two-phase subscribers are actually connected to ConfD in the prepare phase, you can do that from your own two-phase subscriber application that perform that kind of check for each transaction.