How to create virtual routers/switches and expose their NBI to Network Activation systems over REST APIs

I am looking for some help/guidance on how can I create virtual routers/switches and expose their NBI to some application like NSO or Blueplanet MDSO for network activation.

We have network devices and have access to the IOS capability files, Openconf/Netconf YANG files.
I was hoping that their must be a way to compile/bundle all those files and create virtual devices and expose their config NBIs over Netconf or SSH.
I don’t think the virtual Netsim(s) created in NSO can be accessed outside of NSO by any other OSS application.
Appreciate all help please.

Welcome to the ConfD community. It sounds like you have experience with the orchestration platforms like NSO and Blue Planet, and you are correct that the netsims are not licensed to be used outside of testing with NSO. However, the methods, directories, and Makefiles used in the building of the netsims and the ConfD examples, along with your specific YANG models, can be used as the basis for how you would build up the implementation on a real or virtual device.