How to dynamically convert convert and display a value on web

in the yang, I have a leaf configure valuable, which is an integer. The user needs to input from 0 to 99. I want to convert the user input, and display back to the user in the info section of the same leaf. For example, if the user input 65, I want to display do the following conversion: 65 -90 = -25, and I will display -25dbm in the info section, so that the user will know that input value 65 means -25dbm for the machine.

Please help me on how to do that.

note, it does not have to be in the info section. Anyway to show the result for this leaf for the user would be great.

thank you.

By value on web - do you mean some web application you have created or WebUI
than comes with ConfD?

Generally, in CDB (yang) there is a data stored and if the value should be presented
in different way, it should be responsibility of you component displaying data (view).
The data can be retrieved from CDB via JSON-RPC API I guess.