How to get Container as an Object using Python API


Please help me what python api to be used to get container as an object in python?

Harish Altiostar

The maagic API does exactly that. Sadly, there is no example showing how to use that, so here’s a short one, albeit a bit concocted (using the dhcp introductory data model):

from confd import maapi, maagic

# create "local subnet" for all networks
loc_subnet = ['', '']
with maapi.single_write_trans('admin', 'system') as trans:
    # start with the root node
    root = maagic.get_root(trans)
    # iterate over "shared-network" instances:
    for network in root.dhcp.shared_networks.shared_network:
        subnet_list = network.subnets.subnet
        # if the local subnet is not there, create it
        if loc_subnet not in subnet_list: