How to hide certain attributes of an imported grouping

Hello everyone,

I am importing few groupings from a RFC yang data model into my model.

I want to expose only certain attributes from the groupings of an imported RFC yang data model. How can I achieve this requirement?


/////Model to be imported/////

module imported-model {

grouping first-grouping {

	container AA {
		leaf AAA { }
		leaf BBB { }
	leaf CCC { }
	leaf DDD { }


///Model which is importing grouping from other model/////

module importing-model {

container A {
	uses imported-model:first-grouping;


I want to expose only leaf BBB and leaf DDD from the imported grouping, how can this be done?

Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

IMO you can use tailf:hidden full statement via annotation on /A/AA/AAA and /A/CCC to hide them from NB agents. (Note that each component of the path would be in form of prefix:node format)

Otherwise you could look into refine statement as well, but I haven’t used it much and have forgotten the syntax.

Will try this, thanks