How to hide the container or list name in confd CLI?


In configuration mode, we want to hide some container or list name in the cmd as the cmd is to long to write.

Do you have some suggestions?

For example, below is how to create a ospf instance below. it’s not friendly to the user.

(config)# routing ?
Possible completions:
mpls ribs router-id routing-protocols
(config)# routing routing-protocols ?
Possible completions:
mpls-ldp routing-protocol
(config)# routing routing-protocols routing-protocol ?
Possible completions:
direct ospfv2 ospfv3 range static
(config)# routing routing-protocols routing-protocol ospfv2 ?
Possible completions:
(config)# routing routing-protocols routing-protocol ospfv2 1 ?
Possible completions:


You can use the tailf:cli-drop-node-name YANG annotation in your YANG model in order to hide node names such as container or list from appearing in the auto-rendered CLI. Refer to tailf:cli-drop-node-name in the tailf_yang_cli_extensions section in Volume 5 of the ConfD man-pages for more information.