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How to insert code / netconf / yang / cli into forum

Hello all,

this forum does a bit of automatic interpretation, and can sometimes cause issues when we try to enter parts of source code, cli outputs, or NETCONF messages…

There is a simple and quick way to “format” input, when we paste parts of CLI prints, NETCONF messages, YANG parts, etc. into forum topics or comments.

When you copy&paste your code in:

  • verify that you have at least one empty line before / after the formatted text
  • highlight the text you want to format
  • click the “Preformatted text” button in the toolbar above

Please do try to format the parts of your topics where appropriate - this enhances reading experience, and allows people to respond to topics/questions more quickly & easily.

Thanks, and have fun exploring the great world of programmability and ConfD! :slight_smile:

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