How to mount a yang module under a "tailf:mount-point" defined mount point?

hello, i’ve seen examples from CISO NSO that its “Device Template” already start to use schema mount using extension below:
“tailf:mount-point ncs-template-config;”
but it’s only example to show how to define a mount-point, but i still do not know how to “mount a yang module under this mount point”

can some one give me some examples about this? thanks! and some example schema mount rpc from a NETCONF client’s view will be very helpful.

i also wondering what’s the difference between “tailf:mount-point” and the standard RFC 8528 mount point?

NSO yang code:
submodule tailf-ncs-devices {
namespace “”;

container devices {

list template {
"This list is used to define named template configurations that
can be used to either instantiate the configuration for new
devices, or to apply snippets of configurations to existing


  key name;
  leaf name {
    description "The name of a specific template configuration";
    type string;
  list ned-id {
    key id;
    leaf id {
      type identityref {
        base ned:ned-id;
    container config {
      tailf:mount-point ncs-template-config;
        "This container is augmented with data models from the devices.";

The schema mount standard is not implemented by ConfD. The extension tailf:mount-mount is somewhat similar but not identical to yangmnt:mount-point, and it is used only by NSO.

thanks! but if it’s not implemented by ConfD, it’s implemented by what? by NSO itself? i thought NSO is using ConfD as its NETCONF server, no?

No, NSO does not implement the standard either, it implements only its very restricted form. And no, NSO does not use ConfD, they share big parts of code (and not just for the NETCONF server).