How to restrict entering into configuration mode or NBI for sometime

Hi All,

Can someone help me on below requirement?

Would like to restrict the command “configure terminal” for sometime

Using Netconf client:
Doing edit-config from client should not allowed for sometime

how this restriction can be implemented.

Note: it is not based on the user type.

Chandrakanth S.

Hi @cohult

Can you please help me on this topic?

Chandrakanth S.

If you are upgrading or similar, using maapi_init_upgrade() is best practice. That will terminate CLI config sessions and lock CDB. If an existing CLI user tries to enter config mode there will be a message saying “In upgrade mode, please wait”. A timeout and a message can be provided to existing CLI users before their config mode session is terminated. See ConfD UG chapter “In-service Upgrade”. You can use the confd_cmd -c “upgrade_interactive” command to test.