How to set up snmp v3 properly

I enabled the snmp v3 in the confd.conf file,

in the USM User Table, I created a new entry, with the following:

USM User Engine ID: same as the snmp engine ID in the unit, 50:77:4e:65:74:73
USM User Name: usmusername
USM User Security Name: admin
USM User Auth Protocol: believe that is no authentication)
USM User Priv Protocol: (no priv)
the rest is blank.

I tried to connect it from the desktop:

c:\tools>SnmpWalk.exe -r: -v:3 -sn:usmusername -ei:50:77:4e:65:74:73

%Received a report pdu from remote host: Unknown EngineID (SNMPv3)

in the unit, the log file: /opt/apps/confd/var/confd/log/audit.log generate the following:
confd[2177]: audit user: usmusername/0 SNMP authentication failed: usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs: msg auth engine id: 05:00:77:04:E0:65:07:40:73:05

Can anyone tell me if I miss configured anything? thank you

examples.confd/snmpa/5-simple-v3 provides an example on how to set up ConfD to support SNMP v3 which includes how to create the EngineID and its localized keys.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team by filing a RT ticket.

where is examples.confd? I could find confd.conf.example in confd/etc/confd/ folder. Is it the one?

examples.confd is the default location of the ConfD examples collection that comes with the ConfD distribution when you install ConfD. Did you download the confd-x.x.x.examples.tar.gz file along with the ConfD installer for the installation of ConfD?

found it now… thank you very much for your help.