How to support multiple versions of yang schema?

I am working in a project which we will have two types of device

  1. management device
  2. worker device
    In the use cases, one management device will manage multiple worker devices. The management device will have the yang schema of worker device, then it can send netconf request to write/read confd in worker device.
    But now there is a case that the yang schema in worker devices may have different versions. E.g.
    There are 3 worker devices,
    worker device 1 : schema 1.0
    worker device 2: schema 1.1
    worker device 3: schema 1.2
    In this case, what the best approach to make management device to manage all of them ?
    I think I can divided schema version to two cases
    case 1 : newer schema is always superset of older schema
    case 2: newer schema is not always superset of older schema.


This is a good use case for NSO to be the manager which is outside the scope of our ConfD User community. You can learn more about NSO and ask NSO related questions at