How to use custom range for a list x/y/z1-x/y/z2


we have cli such line x/y/z1-x/y/z2, x=0…m, y=0…n, z1,z2=0…t
x/y/z Slot/Subslot/Port for Modems
e.g 0/1/0-0/1/10, 1/1/0-1/1/12, only the last digit changes in the range.

      list async-lines {
        tailf:cli-mode-name "config-line";
//        tailf:cli-range-list-syntax;
        key "name";
        leaf name {
            "Line name";
          type string {
            pattern "([0-9])+(/([0-9])+)*";
        uses line-grouping;

Please help to add support the range in key for the above yang model.

Can you clarify what if the m,n,t variables are constant and if so what are their values? What is not working with the current pattern?