How to use netconf-console with a network proxy?

How to use netconf-console with a network proxy?

It depends on what you mean by “network proxy”. If it is a web proxy, I don’t think you can make it work; if it is a jump server with SSH access, you can use netconf-console from there or you can open a SSH tunnel from your local machine to the jump server. If it is something else, we may need to know more.

It is a web proxy in my compay.

Pure web proxies forward only HTTP traffic, so I’m afraid netconf-console (and NETCONF in general) cannot be used. But if you really need to access a ConfD instance through that proxy, you should have some luck using RESTCONF and tools like curl or wget.

Sorry,my proxy serves for http,https,ftp、sock5.

That is better, SOCKS proxy can be used. netconf-console itself cannot use the proxy directly, nor it is able to use a proxy command in the style of ssh’s -o ProxyCommand, but you can open a simple tunnel using other tools, such as socat:

$ socat TCP4-LISTEN:2022,fork SOCKS4:<proxyhost>:<confdhost>:2022,socksport=<socksport>

This opens the local port 2022 and forwards any connection over a SOCKS proxy running on <proxyhost>:<socksport> to <confdhost>:2022 (this assumes the default port setup; if your ConfD is configured to expect NETCONF connections e.g. on port 830, use that instead). There are many other socat options, but I believe this should work and make it possible to use netconf-console as if ConfD was running locally.

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