HUGE list with key issue with CONFD application perfermance


I have a model where is define a list with key
->id as key
->name as value
I did a call point subscription at the my list level in order to provide it .
I have seen if my list is very bi confd need a lot of time to provide me the output xml (i tested with netconf-console) .
I look like confd need time to convert the data i sent it to confd to xml .
Here i i would like to know if this issue “performance in confd provider with huge list with key” is a known issue ?
If yes how can i improve this perfermance ?
I can change the list with key to 2 leaflist one for the key and another one for value ?
Can changing the model change the low perfermance ?

THank you


by subscription, do you mean data provider callbacks like get_next, get_elem? If yes, you can improve performance by also implementing get_object and get_next_object (returning multiple objects).

See ConfD user guide (confd_data_cbs in confd_lib_dp).

If you means something else, please, can you describe your usecase in more details?

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Sorry for the late, yes i mean by get_next get_elem.
I did change the implementation by implementing get_next_object but still too late to provide all data to confd server .
I have seen confd server spend a lot of time to convert data to XML rpc response.
It can an issue in my model it is possible to change the list by key by 2 leaf list this change can improve the perfermance ?

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