I cannot ceate new configuration after I load the backup using confd_load

When i load my backup using confd_load -l -F x config.xml, it loads successfully.

But I am not able to make new configurations through my CLI interface.
Ex: After loading my backup that contains vrf3, but when I try to create new vrf21
(config)# network vrf vrf21 vpn-id 21
(config)# commit
Aborted: values are not unique: 21
‘network vrf vrf3 vpn-id’
‘network vrf vrf3 vpn-id’

Is the configuration being handled by confd_load tool itself now?
If yes, is there any way to exit from the confd_load tool and move the control back to my CLI configuration?

Please clarify.

The problem we are facing is that the transaction that starts from confd_load is not ending. Hence, our CLI is not able to start new transaction instead it is trying to fetch the data from the same transaction started by confd_load.

Any clarifications?.

How (from where) do you trigger the confd_load tool to load a backup?
And why do you do that?

No issues. I could find out the error from our code. Thank you